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LoL Cat Research

lol cat research found this funny-cat-the-internet-is-a-series-of-tubes
lol cat research found this funny picture for you!

This website is all about #cute #lol #cats and #comedy. We’re here to have fun. At the same time, we want you to learn how to

  1. cat blog
  2. rescue cats
  3. be happy

In return for the entertaining and informative material I deliver to you weekly, you should contribute by purchasing a LoL Cat Shirt on the right side-panel. Proceeds go to helping cats find homes before they are euthanized.

Another ongoing project is to expand the FCAR program (Feral Cats Against Rats) and there is also “trap and neuter programs” available.

We look to help find homes for cats in more conventional ways. On twitter, we are constantly tweeting and retweeting about cats that are “on death row” so to speak. Make sure you follow us on twitter, insta, tumblr, etc. We go by:


If you do not have PayPal or you don’t feel comfortable paying with a credit card, fill out the contact form and I’ll get back to you usually within a couple of days.