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Snoop Doggy Dog has gots to be one of the coolest cats of all time. But what if he never made it as a Hip Hop icon? He would prolly try to work from home via cat blogging. Believe dat… beotch. Actually don’t believe it. He’d be more into something having to do with dogs. Chiggity check that. The Dog Father has a new monicker: Snoop Lion

snoop doggy dog now snoop lion
snoop photoshopped

There’s enough cat action and cat humor out there to fill the pages of the largest book. On top of that they have a plethora of magical powers. What animal besides cats can look so cute and so fierce at the same time? They also save humans from critters that invade our homes. I represent Brooklyn and believe you me, there are rodents in every apartment building round these here parts. Cats make it so they invade the apartments of New York City dog lovers. Not my problem.

Wherever humans can be found on the planet, you can find cats somewhere close. Because of their popularity, cats are an excellent subject for blogging. A monetized blog about cats may prove lucrative, since it will be easy to attract an audience of cat lovers. All it takes is marketing the blog so that people know it’s out there offering content that is cat-rich. 

I paid a professional writer $5 for the block quote you just read. That’s how dedicated I am to this field. Over the course of countless hours, I’ve become a top expert in the field, but by no means am I the best. You want good? Take this #gangnumstyle parody interview by Ben Huh, CEO of Cheezburger Network, widely-regarded as the top cat blog of all time. You make think the guy is a tool but hey, it’s not like he’s trying to break into the soap opera business. He says his goal is to make people laugh for five minutes a day. Nothing wrong with that!

Cats do so many funny and ridiculous things that content about their actions should be plentiful. Narrowing down the cat blog to a specific niche might also prove very sensible. I do cats and comedy. You can copy me (I’ll hate you though), or check out the competition by doing a Google search and reading the content of blogs that rank high on the search. Try to deviate from their niche, so that you aren’t creating duplicate content.

Buy your own domain and get hosting from godaddy. First do a search engine for “godaddy promo code” and see if there are any sales. I just checked… as we speak, they are doing a sale where domains are $1.99 where they usually go for about $8.50 – $10.00!

Make sure you go for a .com and not anything else. There are people who make video-heavy sites and use the .tv with

Vigilante philanthropist cat beats gangsters at night as a service to Gotham City

success but I firmly believe you should just try and get your brand name in a .com and the rest will work itself out. Don’t just use a free blogging site like blogger. They will own you. You need to own a piece of digital real estate so you MUST purchase a domain and get your own site running. Don’t cry to me about how it’s too annoying or time consuming. This is why it’s valuable. Besides, I’m here to hold your hand through the toughest part of it — getting started.

So after you’ve chosen names you want to use for your blog (or company that will have an online presence), you have to:

  • search to see if your domain is available
  • buy it before someone else does

Go to and there will be a field for you to type in the domain you are looking to purchase. The reason why I say use godaddy is because they hire Americans to do customer award winning, 24-7 customer support. When your site crashes, the last thing you want to do is be talking to someone from Bangalore who will not understand you. Not to mention you are destroying the U.S. A. economy every time you support businesses that outsource their labor. Also make sure you never buy anything from Walmart… Don’t get me started.

Once you have your domain and hosting purchased (should be a combined priced of $50-$100) you are ready to begin. Call (800) go-daddy and get tech support to walk you through

  • pointing your domain to your hosting
  • launching WordPress

Don’t waste too much time trying to do these two things on your own if you’ve never done it. They will easily guide you through the process. The hardest thing to do is get started. The rest is much easier.

Create original posts on a regular basis. Once a weeks is the way to go. After it’s up, email your friends, family, and everyone else. Email contacts are by far the most important way for you to reach people since people are way more likely to look through their inbox then they are to follow something on social media. Still, FB, twitter, and list serves, forums, and anything else you can think of to promote your article is the way to go.

Once you’ve promoted yourself in every way that I’ve mentioned, go to and type in their search box:

“article promotion”

Set up an account and pay someone $5 to promote your article. Make sure they have a good rating on fiverr since you don’t want any “black hat” type of promotion that could hurt you in the eyes of the google gods who control your destiny online.

begging for you to do lol cat research PLEASE
LoL Cat Research begs you to continue entertaining the masses for free.

Last but not least:


You will not get results at first. Only have steady dedicated quality content uploading and promotion will you gain traction. You have to build an audience and earn trust before results follow. If it were easy, everyone in Nigeria would do it. This here is real talk.

The people who succeed are the ones who deal with repeated failure. There endurance finally pays off when they get there big break. After that they talk about the good old days and how it was hard, but they never gave up… How bout being one of those mothers by copying LoL Cat Research?! If you do well as our competitor, you can contribute a handsome some to FCAR (Feral Cats Against Rats), our nonprofit aimed at saving cats from euthanasia by releasing them in areas where there are rat infestations.

Anyway, if you know you’re a quitter, consider going into the biz with a partner. Or make an exchange with someone where you do there work and they do yours. You meet once a week for coffee and you know you better meet the deadline or your friend will hate you.

Lol Cat Research Chief Editor and #catblogger


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