lol cat show_logoAfter years of #catblogging as LoLCatResearch, the time has come to boost this blog to the next level. On September 10th 2016, the first episode of the LOL CAT SHOW was filmed.

I’ll still use the old social media accounts, but the old blog will be gone and replaced with everything having to do with the new show. The first episode will be launched in mid-October so stay tuned!

Note to PowerUP! competition judges: the video will not be available until Monday, October 3rd, 2016. Our video should’ve been completed almost a month earlier, but technical difficulties abound, and therefore the post production process has taken longer. 


Hottest Hashtag right MEOW? #MTVHottest

About a week has passed since I made my last LoL Cat Meme and I’m itching for a new one. As usual, I search for trending news and events to channel inspiration. According to some random fools, the top hashtag right now is #MTVHottest — so I’m all about exploiting this.

I found a cool cat pic to caption earlier this week and instantly saved it. It has the potential to be the coolest cat meme ever, but it’s not happening mostly because I’m not thinking of anything all that clever right now.

LoL Cat Research - caturday plug

During times likes this, it’s necessary to set a deadline and get busy. So it done: one hour to make a meme and blog about it, and another hour I’ll spend promoting it. Two hours a week is the minimum amount of time I’ll spend on LoL Cat Research and I’m sticking to the program!

I couldn’t come up with anything for that whack MTVHottest hashtag, so I stick with #caturday for meow.


CatboxSunday vs Caturday

SundayFunday hashtag 2015Got on twitter and checked what was trending:


Retweeted some hipster types. That was mostly who was pushing that. Chicks who drank too many cosmos the night before and then have trouble socializing properly during brunch.


We don’t like this sort of thing. It’s disturbing — to say the least. Research shows it cannot touch #Caturday — the top hashtag for cats in 2015.

There are many sites and apps that allow you to search hashtags, I use only because that’s what I’ve been using and haven’t needed anything else.


lol cat research - topsy stats of Caturday vs catboxsunday vs SundayFunday


As we can see, when it comes to Caturday vs CatboxSunday … #Caturday is the champ. I’ll throw #SundayFunday in the mix when I tweet… made a lol cat meme in under 15 min and it’s time to start posting.

caturday vs catboxsunday vs SundayFunday

National Tequila Day is MEOW

Naitonal Tequila Day lol cat is funny

So I woke up and started checking the trends. There’s a lot of racism going on out there and it’s disturbing. Not trying to make light of that… #NationalTequilaDay is a different story.

I stopped drinking but I’m going to have to push this one so I can drive some traffic to this here #CatBlog …

The promo will be the usual. I’ll push the original #memepic during the day and then later on I’ll hit them with the demotivational. This blog, post and the two pictures took me less than an hour for everything. Posting it on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Google+, Imgur, etc. that will take another hour.

drinking cat lol cat meme



WhiskersWednesday is right meow

whiskerswednesday is right meowThat’s right folks. Today isn’t just Wednesday, it’s #WhiskersWednesday and if you want traffic for your #cat — you better read this.

Googling “the history of whiskerswednesday” got me nowhere. There is no history on it and that’s because we are making it right meow! Hi 5s ლ(=ↀωↀ=)ლ





Caturday is right meow #meme pic

lol cat research - captain caturday
retired Japanese station manager cat will be next caturday meme pic

I made a meme pic in less then 10 minutes, watermarked it with my social media handle @LoLCatResearch and the rest is history. I’ll be driving traffic to this here blog for centuries to come since #Caturday is one of the top search terms in cat blog land. Believe that.

Caturday is right meow … rocks the type of WTF that’s big with web surfers. I’m counting on it taking us to new heights:

lol cat research - Caturday


So I’m looking how to get traffic and what better way than with a Ariana Grande meme. It’s been a couple of weeks since I scored big off of the Bruce Jenner’s cat meme fiasco. Here’s how my traffic is looking meow:

LoL Cat Research traffic snapshot July 2015


As you can see, traffic needs a boost from another one of my killer memes, so I hit google trends looking for something to make light of.

Ariana Grande donut memeAriana Grande had been caught on a security camera licking a donut and then getting upset at an employee saying “I don’t like Americans.” or something to that affect.

You would think it’s no big deal, but apparently it is and now for whatever reason, she’s no headlining at the Major League Baseball All Star Game in Cincinnati in a few days.

I personally don’t see the big deal. It is a little gross that she licked a donut that someone would unsuspectingly eat. Thank God she’s not an outlaw biker with an open sore or something, but then again — she’s with her boyfriend and she’s all kissy kissy with that fool. Surely there shouldn’t be any criminal charges and everyone should leave Britney alone. Everyone except LoL Cat Research!

I’m going to push the pic on reddit, cheezburger, twitter, facebook, and maybe that’s about it. Then I will use the demotivational version after a few days. Hopefully that will get this forsaken blog some more traffic already.

Grande donut demotivational original lol cat research meme

Jabba the Hutt Cat

Caitlyn Jenner. The transformation has gained monumental attention for the Olympic star-athlete-turned-reality-show-dad. Creating a transitional cat meme lead to more traffic in one day than I ever got on any other site, and I’ve been making websites for four years now.

I made a quick tee shirt design on and paid $200 in Facebook advertising for it. Not one order was made. Big waste of time and money but at least I can say I tried to monetize the overflow of traffic.

Jabba the Hutt CatTime to get back to driving traffic. I created a new meme for mew right meow. I checked my twitter analytics for the past month and took the pic that got the most traction to use as a #meme. Hope you enjoy it.

Spread it around your interwebs and buy a lol cat tee shirt for women today!