cute DJ cat will spin audio at yer next kitty party

Had to post this lol cat picture

Cat searching could be the reason why you are reading this… well, I’m not sure what you do on this here interweb, but I try to get work done only to get distracted by all types of things to click on. It’s so easy for it to happen and it’s hard to understand if how it can happen so often.

So I’m on google images looking for a cool image to ad to my fresh content (search engine slave drivers told me “fresh content” is a must), when I came across a picture of this

cool cat spinning audio.

I had to stop whatever real work I had to do and decided to post this for you instead:

DJ Cat:

lol cat research story on this cute dj kitty

Sorry there’s not much to this posting… I promise the next round of fresh content will be fresher and more content-full — that’s a promise! haha (⌒.-)=★

Oh no wait. Can’t see you later. Still need to talk to you because the angel of content monitoring said I need to write more. I do as I’m told. Breaking rules is scary since there are so many forms of punishment they can hand you. We don’t want any of that. Ok enough writing. I don’t care how they punish me. Time to go back to work. Please like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.

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