Happy Halloween!

I’m a day late with this but I saw that a facebook friend changed her profil pic to this magical unicorn cat. So I’m using this opportunity to with everyone in cyberspace a Happy Halloween!

You know for me, Halloween is the best holiday we have by far. It’s better than Christmas, Chanunkah, and President’s day combined. There should be more than one day of this… THERE SHOULD BE A HALLOWEEN MONTH. Something hit me right after I hit the caps lock key and started typing the last sentence:

We should declare October Halloween month!

lol cat research | unicorn black cat

That’s it.. it’s official. You heard it here first. We get to see attractive women wearing sexy costumes for a whole month. Love it. You know, lots of cats have no idea that Halloween can be extremely useful. There’s this cat “King Human” who always talks about selling halloween merchandise. I also remembering hearing that during an election year, whichever candidate sells the most masks, wins the election. I could believe this if we didn’t have our bogus electoral college system…

OK enough already. I got non-cat blog work that needs to get done. Peace out.

Author: nafsht

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