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About 2.7 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs—about one every 11 seconds—are put down in U.S. shelters each year. Often these animals are the offspring of cherished family pets. Why let the government kill cats when they can be let free in areas where there’s a rat problem? Please help by clicking on the donate button You can make a difference today. Thank you.

FCAR - stray cat behind bars

Happy Halloween!

I’m a day late with this but I saw that a facebook friend changed her profil pic to this magical unicorn cat. So I’m using this opportunity to with everyone in cyberspace a Happy Halloween!

You know for me, Halloween is the best holiday we have by far. It’s better than Christmas, Chanunkah, and President’s day combined. There should be more than one day of this… THERE SHOULD BE A HALLOWEEN MONTH. Something hit me right after I hit the caps lock key and started typing the last sentence:

We should declare October Halloween month!

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That’s it.. it’s official. You heard it here first. We get to see attractive women wearing sexy costumes for a whole month. Love it. You know, lots of cats have no idea that Halloween can be extremely useful. There’s this cat “King Human” who always talks about selling halloween merchandise. I also remembering hearing that during an election year, whichever candidate sells the most masks, wins the election. I could believe this if we didn’t have our bogus electoral college system…

OK enough already. I got non-cat blog work that needs to get done. Peace out.

FCAR = Feral Cats Against Rats

So I was attacked by a rat while throwing out garbage in the neighborhood now called RAMBO (Right Above the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), in Brooklyn New York–my hometown. Throwing out the trash for two building down there doesn’t seem like very glorious work, but believe you me, it definitely pays well by the hour.

The street I was processing garbage on had two large buildings being built, causing rats to surface at an alarming rate. What’s worse, a public high school for troubled teens opened up on the corner where they would throw out mountains of trash bags filled with school lunch waste. Yuck.

So I go to open the recycling can and a giant rap jumped straight at my face! I karate chopped it before it could bite me but I tell you–it was a quick reaction that I got lucky on. I’ve moved through life in slowmotion and it’s amazing that I didn’t sustain a major motherfucking injury on this one.

I told a resident of the building what happened and he had similar horror stories. He said him and a few people got together and discussed feeding the ally cats. The cats were fed very little from humans but always came around looking for a free meal.

Fast-forward a year into the future and there are no rats to be found! The strategy works. I created FCAR some time after when I decided cat blogging was the way to go. I also though how the ASPCA and other government animal control groups, capture stray cats, imprison them, and when nobody adopts them, they’re euthanized. I say let the prisoner cats on death row free–where there are too many rats! They will earn their freedom.

When I googled “feral cats against rats”, I found that others before me had had success with this approach. There’s a pretty cool Huffington Post article on it.

Thanks for reading this. Next week I’ll post how you can get involved… Stay tuned for more!

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Shark Tank’s most awesome catrepreneur yet

Mark Cuban admitted that he draws stick figures of cats. He sells them for $10,000USD! This guys rolls up with all types of wit and charm, talking bout he draws cats for $10 and can crank one out every two minutes.  Cuban and him strike a deal and the rest is history.  Check out the story:


catrepreneur in effect

3rd Bass show last night was good times!

My third cousin, DJ Mikey Palms, put together an awesome show for his birthday.  It marked the reunion of 80s hip hop legends: 3rd Bass! What does any of this have to do with cats?  Nothing.  I saw a lot of people at the show and had a great time.  People asked what I was up to and I told them I’m in the business of making cats famous on the internet.  Now I realize that they prolly thought I was talking about cats in a slang kind of way.  Funny.  I’m talking bout real cats here people.  I’m going to make them famous and in return, they are going to make me money.  Word.