grumpy cat lol … BAD MEWD!! this a wery funny you mudder frucken a doucha bagz!!!

check out this funny cat
funny cat


represent, represent, respresent. that’s how i do blogging kitty cats style posted by the homeless of uber wealthy new york city. being homeless in the empire means breaking the law. there are now quarter houses for those without enough money to keep up with the joneses, and keeping up with the joneses means gaining wealth. how do you gain wealth? by exploiting people!

lol cat research does not exploit people. we would rather be homeless.

getting behind a computer is quite often a difficult task for the homeless and that is why lol cat research needs your financial support.

lol cat research asks for donations to save NY’s homeless. there is button to your right that you could click on to donate money.

but you don’t want to…


that’s because the interweb is broke ass. just like your DUMB ass. that’s right bitch. you suck. i haven’t gotten one MOTHERFUCKING DONATION in the whole year that i’ve been doing this.

you like the funny jokes here. you like the cute cats. but you no wanna pay, true? you like everything for free, don’t you bitch? FUCK YOU. pay me. i make you laugh. give me fifty cents. fifty GOD DAMNED cents because i’m a 40 year old homeless man who entertains your DUMB ASS on the interweb and you never give me shit. click on that fucking button. you fuckhead or never look at my free comedy again. i’m sick of this bullshit. pay me already you cheap bitch.