Hottest Hashtag right MEOW? #MTVHottest

About a week has passed since I made my last LoL Cat Meme and I’m itching for a new one. As usual, I search for trending news and events to channel inspiration. According to some random fools, the top hashtag right now is #MTVHottest — so I’m all about exploiting this.

I found a cool cat pic to caption earlier this week and instantly saved it. It has the potential to be the coolest cat meme ever, but it’s not happening mostly because I’m not thinking of anything all that clever right now.

LoL Cat Research - caturday plug

During times likes this, it’s necessary to set a deadline and get busy. So it done: one hour to make a meme and blog about it, and another hour I’ll spend promoting it. Two hours a week is the minimum amount of time I’ll spend on LoL Cat Research and I’m sticking to the program!

I couldn’t come up with anything for that whack MTVHottest hashtag, so I stick with #caturday for meow.