CatboxSunday vs Caturday

SundayFunday hashtag 2015Got on twitter and checked what was trending:


Retweeted some hipster types. That was mostly who was pushing that. Chicks who drank too many cosmos the night before and then have trouble socializing properly during brunch.


We don’t like this sort of thing. It’s disturbing — to say the least. Research shows it cannot touch #Caturday — the top hashtag for cats in 2015.

There are many sites and apps that allow you to search hashtags, I use only because that’s what I’ve been using and haven’t needed anything else.


lol cat research - topsy stats of Caturday vs catboxsunday vs SundayFunday


As we can see, when it comes to Caturday vs CatboxSunday … #Caturday is the champ. I’ll throw #SundayFunday in the mix when I tweet…┬ámade a lol cat meme in under 15 min and it’s time to start posting.

caturday vs catboxsunday vs SundayFunday