Tara the Hero Cat saves boy from dog attack

The attack was sudden. It was horrific. The aftermath is not much easier in a tragedy that required stitches on a four year old boy who was innocently playing in front of his house in Bakersfield, California just before being mauled by a neighbor’s dog.

tara the hero cat
Tara the Hero Cat with Jeremy Triantafilo

Much┬árespect for the boy’s pet cat “Tara”, a true hero.

Bravery like this represents just how important it is to recognize how valuable cats are to human beings. If you’ve been living under a rock in 2014 or you’ve been boycotting the media, you may not have seen what happened so watch the video below if this is you:

That mean dog is just no good and it wouldn’t be a surprise if that fool got put down. Word is bond. But you know,┬áthere’s plenty of other stories out there of ferocious dogs beings stopped by concerned cats.

You hear “Cat saves boy from dog attack” and you may wonder… how big was the dog? Well in this case the dog was not exactly a rottweiler or anything, but that doesn’t matter. Tara would stop any dog up to no good. What about pit bulls attacking… What would happen then?

The story of two pit bulls chewing away at a helpless woman in Houston is astounding. This cat needs a medal of honor and a street named after her:

So what have we learned? Cats are not afraid of dogs and during a time of crisis, cats will often stop at nothing to put bad dog in his place. Since this article was published, the owner’s consented to having the dog euthanized. Check the LA Times story.

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